White Dandelion

We were inspired by the strengths of dandelion spores despite their fragility of being blown away by the wind. We pursue healthy beauty with nature and hope everyone takes root in any environment like a dandelion.

Patent Title

Cosmetic composition for improving atopic dermatitis and extremely dry skin with its moisturizing, soothing, and skin-barrier strengthening effects

Where is it from?

White Dandelion Phytoplacenta Extract (Taraxacum Coreanum Phytoplacenta Extract) Cultured from the phytoplacenta of white dandelions, which has long been used in the traditional Eastern herbal medicinal practices for its powerful natural-healing, anti-inflammatory effects

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Plant cell culture is achieved with plant cells derived from a small piece of plant, which makes it no longer necessary to damage nature and facilitates cultivation of rare or endangered plants so that resources can be conserved.

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Mass Culture

It is possible to optimize concentration of nutrient ingredients and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and amount of light, which allows for more sustained and rapid growth of plant cells.

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Enhancement Culture

The quality of plant cells can be improved to produce more amount of phytochemicals and secondary metabolites which come from specific parts of plants.

How is it cultured?

  1. Taraxacum coreanum raw material
  2. Sterilization (with ethanol)
  3. Drying
  4. Collection of phytoplacenta
  5. Seeding phytoplacenta on cell culture medium
  6. Culture of phytoplacenta cells
  7. Proliferation of phytoplacenta cells
  8. Lyophilization Of Phytoplacenta cells
  9. Extraction of useful compounds

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