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White Dandelion

We were inspired by the strengths of dandelion spores despite their fragility of being blown away by the wind.
We pursue healthy beauty with nature and hope everyone takes root in any environment like a dandelion.


Native to Korea, White Dandelion has long been used as traditional Eastern herbal medicine for its efficacy and non-toxicity over all other dandelions. In the 15th century, it was introduced in Dongui Bogam, the Korean medical encyclopedia, specially for its benefits on speeding up the natural healing process, alleviating inflammations, detoxifying liver, and cleansing blood.


Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A,C,B, minerals, and amino acids, the white dandelion has superb anti-oxidating, anti-inflammatory effects that calm sensitive skin to become healthy again. Through rigorous studies, we discovered that white dandelion extract has remarkable effects of supporting and strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier.


Our white dandelion is a rare flower derived from Jirisan Mountain, which is known for its long history as a sacred mountain in Korea. Talitha Koum promises sustainability by continuously extracting active ingredients through placenta cultivation without cutting down the flowers of white dandelions.

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